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Manfred Popp

The author was born 1941 in Heilbronn / Germany. When his father was killed in war in Russia, the mother moved with him as an infant to the grandparents in the Black Forest. After finishing High School, he studied economics and earned his degree at the University of Munich. In the following years he held several management positions in industry and worked as an independent business consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises. With 64 years he ended his career and retired.

Shortly thereafter, he visited the doctor to perform a health check and it turned out that his blood pressure was clearly too high. His doctor said that either he has to take pills for the rest of his life or his excessive weight has to be reduced by at least 33 pounds. The author chose the weight loss. By following the diet and training plan developed by him, he managed to reduce his weight by about 44 pounds.

Since friends insisted several times to learn about the secrets of his success, he decided to write his first book in German. (Details you can find on the author's German Webpage:

2015, in the age of 74, he released his English-language book titled:

You can do what I did: lose weight, improve your health, stay fit!

Author Manfred Popp, born 1941 (Germany)

In his book the author explains, how to lose weight, stay fit and healthy!



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